Photographs capture moments, but they’re only raw material.

I draw from my pictures
but I am always trying to expand the space inside them.

~ Jean Francis Le Saint

Marie is passionate about her photography and can often be found in far flung places across the planet, camera in hand shooting whatever passes before her lens, be it an Icelandic berg,  African wildlife or the Australian landscape…

Her most creative space though is her studio, where she spends many hours photographing models, either using the images to showcase the perfection of the female (and male) form or using them as material for her creative digital artistry.

She feels incredibly thankful to have found her life’s passion in this her second career and to have the luxury and opportunity to work and create with others in this amazing medium.

Marie holds a PPSA distinction and is an Instructor for the Photographic Society of America.
She also hosts Creative Fine Art  Photography workshops throughout the USA as well as various international locations.

Marie is a co-founder of Photo Paint Works which hosts both online and retreat style Photography and Digital Painting classes.

A photo is like a map, a way of lighting my path into the kind of reality I see in my mind’s eye …


Moondance – with Viktory Model
© Marie Otero 2016